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ATTC bv For Import and Export

Is a versatile export agency located in Rotterdam. We represent a variety of brands, and organize that they are efficiently imported and exported. Our primary business activity is to import from Asia and Europe, and export to the Dutch and Caribbean markets.

In addition to import and export, we also focus on common, viable and specialized products for the industrial market. For example: industrial machinery, electrical engineering materials, generators, light towers, steel and sheet metal, airport equipment, led lighting and tools.

Export from Europe to the Caribbean consists mainly of construction materials and office supplies. Many of these products are purchased in bulk and come from bankruptcies. Through careful and smart purchasing we are able to offer these products for very favorable prices

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Active for 20 years

The Caribbean Market

ATTC bv has been importing and exporting construction materials and office supplies to Caribbean countries for 10 years. We link European manufacturers with medium to large sized companies located in the Caribbean. In the last few years our network has increased rapidly, especially in Trinidad, French-Guiana, Suriname and the Dutch Antilles. We have also established strong contacts with our European and Asian manufacturers, so are able to deliver products for very competitive prices.

Products we deliver to the Caribbean:

  • Electrical installation materials
  • Building and construction materials
  • Plumbing and air-conditioning supplies
  • Floor tiles, marble/granite—office supplies
  • X-ray scanners
  • Tools
  • Industrial machinery and parts
  • Trucks and lorries
  • Office equipment
  • Accessories for the mining industry
  • Personal Protective equipment (PPE)

We represent the following brands



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